IME uses biblical, family systems, psychotherapy techniques to treat a variety of cognitive, mood or behavioral difficulties.  By exploring and untangling the complicated connections between people we understand that those predicaments impact a person’s life can be quite challenging. 

We offer our clients practical strategies for addressing concerns such as:  grief, divorce, financial stress, marital distress, parenting difficulties, behavioral problems in children, relationship issues, substance use, mental illness and their faith.  We work together with couples who are suffering and address how to cope with complicated familial relationships while working through transitions.

IME approaches are immensely effective because it is time based, solution-oriented counseling that challenges individuals to be aware that there can be a better life that is stronger and more stable.  Our goal is to help couples and families improve their, emotional health, physical health, productivity, spirituality, and relationships.

Elder Karl Williams Marriage & Family Counselor

Elder Karl Williams

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Dr. Sweets S. Wilson, PhD  Marriage & Family Counselor

Dr. Sweets S. Wilson

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Find The Right Marriage and Family Counselor

Do you have marriage or family-related issues that you are struggling to deal with? We can help. Even if you don't feel like you have overwhelming or apparent issues in your marriage or family, working with a counselor can help strengthen your relationships and marriage. Our marriage and family counselors provide the support and guidance to lead to a happier marriage, healthier family life, and better relationships.

How Does Family and Marriage Counseling Work?

Family and marriage counseling involves talking about the problems with a counselor. As you talk, memories may come up, or new insights will be gained that can help solve these issues.

A marriage therapist's job is to listen deeply to each spouse without judgment and provide insight into their thoughts and feelings in order to shape a healing response for one another. This process of dialogue allows couples to see how they have been playing out old family patterns--patterns that are usually unconscious--and find ways of interrupting them at the moment so as not to recreate them anew in their marriage.

Many people think marriage therapy is only needed when abuse or infidelity is involved, but this isn't always true at all! Every relationship needs occasional work from marriage counseling to maintain a healthy marriage.

Who Can Benefit From Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling has been shown to be effective for a variety of marriage and family situations. These include but are not limited to: marriage, parenting challenges, divorce recovery, premarital preparation, or regret.

Most people who benefit from marriage therapy have had the following issues:

  • Struggling with conflict in their marriage
  • Feeling that they don't understand each other because there is so much anger and negativity between them
  • Lack Of Intimacy
  • Arguing over finances or housework because one person feels it's always on him/her
  • Struggle With Communication
  • Feeling lonely even when you're married


Top Reasons To Invest In Marriage And Family Counseling

We know marriage and family counseling may sound expensive, but it can be a wise investment to care for your marriage. You'll be saving yourself from marriage counseling fees in the future if you work with a marriage counselor now.

Marriage and family counselors offer flexible hours, so you can find one that will meet your needs. They also have experience working with people of all backgrounds and lifestyles because they are trained to use a practical approach for any marriage or family situation, no matter how complicated they may be.

What Skills Will Marriage and Family Counselors Teach You?

Our expert marriage and family counselors will teach you how to:

  • Listen deeply without judgment
  • Learn effective communication skills
  • Build stronger relationships with your spouse, children, or parents
  • Repair broken trust in a marriage.


If you have marriage or family-related struggles that are affecting your life at home or work, don't hesitate to contact our experienced marriage therapists today for more information about the best way we can help. Our team is committed to providing helpful guidance so that you can build better marriages, families, and happier lives!