Life Challenges
Marriage Consulting
Life Challenges
Marriage Consulting

Experienced Christian Counseling Services and Life Purpose Coaching

About IME

At IME Ministries in Hartford, we help you transform your life with our unique approach to trauma therapy, rooted in empathy, leading to the best version of yourself. Learn about our team of therapists and counselors who will offer resources, provide coping mechanisms, motivate at every step, and empower you to move forward in life.

Key People & Therapists

The team that Inspire, Motivate & Empowers.

Dr. Sweets Wilson Faith Based Therapist
Dr. Sweets Wilson

Faith Based Therapist

Ms. Ellen Reese Therapist
Ms. Ellen Reese


Dr. Tanuki Banks Clinical RN Case Manager
Ms. Tanuki Banks

Case Manager

Elder Karl Williams Pastoral Counselor
Elder Karl Williams

Pastoral Counselor

Kennedy Martin Insurance Agent
Mr. Kennedy Martin

Financial Representative


General overview of IME Services.

Traditional & Faith-Based Therapy

In our therapy practice at IME, we address your therapy needs and individual challenges in a holistic manner, finding the areas where you need the most support. We look at how individuals function independently and in their complex relationships with others – examining the impact of life stressors and resulting trauma from diverse but often interconnected issues.

Our therapists conduct assessments of each individual and/or couple, provide a diagnosis, and co-author a feasible individualized treatment plan with each client.

IME’s goal is to support every individual seeking therapy to overcome each life challenge and adopt healthy behaviors, leading to increased spiritual, emotional, and overall growth.

Empowerment Coaching

The IME team has a diverse clientele from many backgrounds and walks of life, and we understand that no two individuals have the same shared experience. Nevertheless, there are always some recurring themes in each client’s life. Our therapists work to understand and analyze what might be holding the individual back from making progress.

We take your life challenges, work with you to build a transformative plan for your ideal path, and then empower you to take the proper steps that will get you there. This may include providing you with healthy coping mechanisms for your trauma, spiritual guidance, financial counseling, substance abuse support, changing your internal belief systems, and more.

We not only provide a gentle ear for you to vent to but offer validation for your feelings and accountability to help you reach your specific goals, empowering you to be the best version of yourself.

Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Everyone goes through trauma that is life-altering at some point – it is inevitable and usually forces you to question yourself, changing the very fabric of who you are. The therapists at IME work with you to understand each of these challenges in your life, their impact on you and your loved ones, and prepare to support you as you transform into your best self.

Some of the challenges our clients have faced and successfully overcome with our assistance include substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, financial issues, and understanding themselves.

We work with every client to help them find meaning in their crisis and trauma, putting together a foundation of support and treatment they can rely on to propel them in a better direction that aligns with their true self.

Marriage and Family Counseling

IME coaches both couples and families through periods of transition by offering tools to manage each relationship properly. Doing this helps our clients become better partners, parents, and people by improving communication and enhancing all the relationships involved.

We use many techniques to create an individualized plan for each couple seeking treatment with their challenges – from cognitive to behavioral disorders and everything in between. We also counsel and support families with pragmatic strategies in addressing challenging family situations, such as co-parenting, divorce, substance abuse, mental illness, grief, and more.

As family and marriage counselors in Hartford County, we seek to create stronger communication lines and powerful partnerships in our community through our blend of biblical principles, psychotherapy techniques, and our knowledge of family dynamics.

Financial Counseling Services

Finances can be a challenging topic for individuals and couples to agree about. Along with financial counseling to help you better prepare for your future, we offer property and casualty coverage for businesses and insurance for business owners looking for individualized options for their company.

IME Ministries also provides insurances for individuals to help you plan for the unexpected and investment solutions for all our clients to prepare for the future, protect assets, and grow their wealth.