Elder Karl Williams, Ordained Minister CT

Currently, Elder Karl Williams is an ordained Minister and District Sunday School  Superintendent at Greater Glory Church of God in Christ (COGIC) located in Hartford, CT.

Elder Karl Williams is empowering generations of males to strive towards fulfilling their goals and meeting sustainable lifestyles. Many males have grown up without a strong father figure or none at all; causing many to search for affirmation and acceptance in all the wrong places. Rejection after rejection which led to abandonment. Eventually, males refuse to grow up. They become hopelessly irresponsible. emotionally  stunted, and uncomfortable with negative emotions. Sometimes they can be rude, narcissistic, and chauvinistic.

You may be dating one. You might be living with one. You might be married to one. Or maybe you just work with one and cannot figure out how to convince them to embrace their adulthood. There are males in all our lives who refuse to remove their childhood blockage and emerge into adulthood. I was once that male. After 50 years; we were able with the help of God to remove the childhood blockage and emerge into adulthood.

Are you struggling to find answers to your questions? Are you ready to learn who you were born to be? How to put the work in; for a better tomorrow?

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Many individuals say they are facing unfortunate predicaments daily and over half say they do not know what to do about it.  Elder Karl continues to study and pray to improve his own walk with Christ for he was once a victim of life’s hurts. Inspire ME offers individuals an opportunity to be inspired, motivated and eventually empowered - in work, career, relationships and with yourself to create the life you really desire. Elder Karl and Dr. Sweets are catalysts for Inspire ME (IME) Ministries.