When Women Forget Who They Are

There is evidence that women are rushing into premature graves in larger numbers than before as a result of spiritual bankruptcy. More and more women are dying from strokes, high blood pressure diseases, and heart attacks. More than ever we are victims of chronic depression, nervous breakdowns and schizophrenic behavior. A number of women are suffering from alcoholism, drug abuse and compulsive substance consumption. In addition, many women are dying with broken hearts, broken minds and broken spirits not knowing who they really are.

Some of us get caught up in the pattern of becoming great people pleasers. We avoid conflict at all costs often pleasing others to our own hurt. When we are suffering, we pray that our lives will be complete instead of humbly surrendering ourselves before God and asking that God’s will be done in our own lives and also in the lives of those we love and care about. As women, we receive part of our socialization growing up that we are supposed to take care of everybody except ourselves. God may have a special job for each of us to but we get trapped into the syndrome of people pleasing. We forget who we are.

Then there are others who suffer from the syndrome of trying to be little false gods to those around us trespassing on God’s territory and forgetting that God is sovereign. Far too many women spend their whole lives in the church and never get religious conviction, never experience an active faith or a loving God because they are so busy trying to control the Spirit of God that moves within, the Spirit that gives them meaning. Some of us in marriages, relationships, families and friendships have not yet learned that we have no power to change and to make over grown people. So whenever we get caught in the syndrome we snatch back our lives and our wills from God and we try to make people do what we want them to do. We forget who we are.

As a result, we see how these syndromes will cause spiritual bankruptcy and to a premature grave, let us embrace the spirit of willingness, humility and open mindedness as it relates to remembering who we are in order that we may grow to be the full person that God has created each of us to be. First, we must be willing to find our oneness with God in order to know our true identity. Secondly, we must humble ourselves before El Shaddai the Almighty God day by day. Finally, open-mindedness requires us to seek to understand others rather than trying to be understood. With open minds we not only grow but we also grow up, maturing in our faith as God fearing people. As we celebrate women history month, I challenge you to go forth remembering who you are. You are a person created in Elohim’s own image.