The Power of Appreciation

Appreciation is having admiration for others and communicating your approval to them. It is taking the time to make people feel welcome and special by using the gifts of God's work in you to encourage and uplift others. It is a form of valuing others; this takes the focus off you and places it on God's purpose and direction. It is fueled from our heartfelt thanks to God for what we have, for what He has done, and is a lifestyle of worship and adoration. This allows us to give to, and value others with respect and honor (1 Tim. 5:17; 6:1).

 One of the quickest ways to bring anything into your life is through the power of appreciation. Appreciation is a form of Praise that attracts the presence of God. God loves praise and when His children show appreciation for the things that He has already done, it positions them to receive more from Him. Similarly, appreciation attracts people and things to us. As long as we continue to show appreciation for them, then the things we attract not only stay in our lives, but they also increase. I have found that just about every consonant we have in our lives is a result of appreciation. Our relationships, vehicles, wealth, and homes all remain in with us and functional because of appreciation.

 How can we be appreciative people? We can do so by voicing sincere compliments, taking the time to write a note, celebrating victories, and honestly showing our delight so others feel special. Appreciation also helps us realize what we have, and to be grateful for the relationships, opportunities, and blessings He gives. Appreciation helps us accept the difficulties and trials of life as part of God's loving provision and care that leads to our learning and growth for a greater good and maturity (James 1:2-8). We need to know what success really is, and that it is not determined by what we do or what we have. Instead, it is determined by how we follow God's precepts and interact with others using them.

People love to be appreciated. Even those who don’t thrive on praise still need the affirmation of their value through appreciation. Like God, people are attracted and motivated in some degree by praise. Let us face it, everyone loves to be celebrated. Appreciation satisfies one of our basic needs, and that is belonging. We all want to be a part of something. God created us that way. Appreciation is a way that we know we belong.

 So today, stop and take time to appreciate the things in your life you might be taking for granted. Examine their value and importance. Whether it be a relationship, a church, a job or a hobby; think of the emptiness you would have without it. Now go to work showing appreciation for it. If it does not increase on the outside of you, it will definitely increase on the inside.