The Fear of Being Successful

Fear of failure does appear to be connected to the fear of success. Research has shown that both conditions share many of the same symptoms. Both are marked by anxiety symptoms in certain situations, such as taking a test or a job interview. Both conditions can be crippling, leading the sufferer to take a few risks and make only safe, conservative choices.

Fear of success appears to be related to the level of control that the sufferer feels in his or her life. Those who feel that the external forces are in control tend to be at a higher risk for fear of success than those who feel that they are somewhat in control.

Some people seem to fear both success and failure concurrently. This can be a very difficult situation to be in, as every choice that the person makes must be weighed against these fears. It is entirely possible for someone in this situation to become paralyzed with indecision, unable to make any choices at all.

Have you become accustomed to life as it is for you now? Of course you have, even if what you have become accustomed to is not quite what you would prefer. We have all heard the expression “comfort zone,” and most of us have been in a discussion or two about the role of the comfort zone in holding people back. Although, some people miss the real power of this notion by wrongly assuming that the comfort zone refers to something about being comfortable.

You may realize that you are typically most comfortable in surroundings that are most familiar. If you do not particularly like some other aspects of your life, you may also find that you have become comfortable with it if for no reason other than the fact that it is familiar. Breaking out from the familiar, may not be very comfortable and it may conjure up some fears or risks in your mind. The risks have more to do with new successful behaviors than they do with the fear of failure.

Here are some tips that may help you get over the fear of being successful:

  • People are always scared of what they do not know, so learn.
  • Take time to find your authenticity by taking the time to reflect on your life and figure out your purpose in this world?
  • In the meantime, keep asking yourself what you want out of life and why you want it.
  • Live in balance by taking each step feeling grounded and balanced
  • Continually remind yourself that you are part of something larger than you and it is important to make time for your-self
  • Create a library of inspiration quotes to use whenever you have self-doubts.


What have you told yourself about taking the risks necessary to create what you want? What have you found useful in overcoming obstacles, in creating your own version of success in life? Be positive by practicing daily mindfulness and you will notice how your negative attitude will start melting away.