Party Loyalty

There is a disturbing trend in American politics, something that comes out every election cycle. It is party loyalty. Voters of every party affiliation defend and support their respective parties even when their party's actions go against those voters' individual interests, values, and belief systems.

We should be devoted to the good of our city rather than to having our "party" win. While appropriate in instances, it’s self-defeating in politics. Partisanship in the media is out of control. It's hard to find nonpartisan discussion. Americans should let go of our partisan thinking and concentrate instead on their own personal criteria (i.e., the issues most important to them) for choosing between the candidates. We should focus on the issues, not party loyalty when we enter the voting booth.

 I have strong opinions on many issues. Two of which are environmental issues and healthcare. Some of these issues and opinions mirror the positions of both Democrats and Republicans.

Somehow we have to get past our partisan loyalties and consider the abilities of the candidates to make good decisions. It's a new era, one that requires a new way of thinking. I look at the candidate(s) that uses a thoughtful approach based on integrity, intelligence, emotional stability and creativity for problem solving in conflict situations vs. one based on defeating the other candidate.

Perhaps the biggest barrier to new ways of thinking is to face our fear of the unknown. Subconsciously, we are afraid of people who are different from us. We tend to think in terms of us vs. them, whether it be race, gender, ethnicity or sexual preference. We need to look hard at our habitual way of judging others.

With the economy affecting everyone we are reminded that our once great nation now demands that its leaders abandon the politics of partisan division and find creative solutions to promote the common good. We are a people that prizes candor, accountability, and fairness. We need to insist that our candidates level with us and champion the interests of all American families. America is a land of historic resourcefulness that has lost patience with elected officials who some have failed to lead its people.