Overcoming Holiday Blues

Holiday parties, family get together, and other holiday activities can all be fun, but the added demands on our time and attention can all contribute to holiday blues.  How many of us fall into the holiday blues trap?  Falling into this trap keeps us blind in so many ways to the beauty and goodness of life.  The holidays can be a joyous and wonderful time, but there is no denying that holiday blues can sometimes creep up on even the calmest and organized among us.

There are several factors that contribute to holiday blues, money worries, underlying tensions with certain family members, chores to name a few.  What are the factors that are causing the most stress and anxiety for you?    If you can identify the specific causes of your holiday blues, then you can take steps to address those issues.  Let us look at some of the contributing factors and ways we can beat the holiday blues.

Financial worries are a major contributing factor to the holiday blues.  The holidays can pack a wallop on the wallet and lead to stress and anxiety. Besides gifts many people spend money eating out, traveling, going to shows, and participating in other holiday activities.  A solution could be to establish a budget, try to find free holiday activities or gifts. 

Overwhelmed by the idea of having to cook an entire meal or decorating for a party or tending to house guests?  Have others pitch in.  Why not make holiday meals pot luck and have family members bring something to the table. If you have a relative who is crafty, ask that person to organize the decorations.

Conflict with family members during the holiday can be challenging and cause the blues.  Many times family members need to be refocused about the history and purpose of the holiday.  Come up with ways you can either resolve or temporary set aside conflict with a feuding family member.

Schedule early morning walks or you may try jogging. This will allow you to sweat off all the calories and cholesterol that you have acquired and help you feel good.  When people exercise their body produces chemical like serotonin and dopamine which can make you feel good about yourself and the holidays.

Finally, we need to recharge even if your hectic holiday schedule only allows you to spend a few minutes on yourself, take that time to go someplace quiet to recharge your batteries.  Sleep for at least eight hours allows your body to maintain its normal function and reduce the effects of the blues.  Whenever and however you refresh your spirit depends on your individual preference. It could be a few minutes of quiet in a church or a walk in a park.  You could even take yourself to a day spa for a manicure and quick neck massage.   Another quick and no cost idea, go into an empty room in your house hang a do not disturb sign on the door and do some stretches while listening to some soothing music or sounds of nature.