Overcoming Addiction

When you hear the word, “Addiction” you probably think of the obvious problems of drug abuse or alcoholism. But addiction encompasses much more than that, and can be a much deeper and more intense problem. We can be addicted to sinful habits sex/pornography, television, work, exercise, attention, food and more. Fundamentally, all addiction is addiction to indulgence. When you’re addicted it causes you to miss the mark and turn away from where you need to be heading. 


Most addiction is born out of a sense of desperation. There are many things individuals do in response to it: read lots of books, seek counsel, attend therapy sessions, and engage in vigorous spiritual activities or other things to try to find freedom from the driving compulsions in their lives. In spite of all of these things, however, most wind up still addicted. In some cases even though they may have succeeded in overcoming addictions in one area, they find that they are still addicted, just in a new area. At the end of the day, after much struggle, striving and effort, they come to the place where they admit, “I can’t defeat it. I give up. I’m hopelessly addicted and enslaved to this thing.” Believe it or not, to get to this point is a good thing.

The truth is we desperately want to believe that there is something good within us. We try to prove this to others by our well meaning attempts to be good.  You must first come to the end of yourself. You not only have to believe, but must also know, that nothing else will ever free you from your bondage.  When you can honestly say, “there is nothing in me that I can overcome” then and only then, will you be at the place of true humility.

Addictions are really only a symptom of a much deeper problem. Addictive tendencies are often an outward manifestation of inward rebellion, resentment, bitterness or hardness of heart. Often, the reason people get involved in addictive practices in the first place is because of the root of pride. Because of the deadness in their spirit they are quite miserable within. They indulge in vices that result in addictions. It’s often just a way to relieve the pain.

 Many individuals were never taught of their definite need for release or were never exposed to loving, personal, pastoral ministry, they eventually become disillusioned. Ultimately, because of a frustrated and unfulfilled Spiritual experience, they turn to indulgences of the flesh, and for a while, the indulgence does take away the pain within.  Eventually, they feel even more empty, and so, continue in the addictive cycle.

 Let us look at what’s needed to find lasting freedom from addiction:

1) First, confess that you’re stuck in your Addiction

2) Commit to a disciplined lifestyle

3) Own, acknowledge and confess your pride

4) Ask a Higher Power to give you his rest

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