IME uses biblical, family systems, psychotherapy techniques to treat a variety of cognitive, mood or behavioral difficulties.  By exploring and untangling the complicated connections between people we understand that those predicaments impact a person’s life can be quite challenging. 

We offer our clients practical strategies for addressing concerns such as:  grief, divorce, financial stress, marital distress, parenting difficulties, behavioral problems in children, relationship issues, substance use, mental illness and their faith.  We work together with couples who are suffering and address how to cope with complicated familial relationships while working through transitions.

IME approaches are immensely effective because it is time based, solution-oriented counseling that challenges individuals to be aware that there can be a better life that is stronger and more stable.  Our goal is to help couples and families improve their, emotional health, physical health, productivity, spirituality, and relationships.

Elder Karl Williams Marriage & Family Counselor

Elder Karl Williams

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Dr. Sweets S. Wilson, PhD  Marriage & Family Counselor

Dr. Sweets S. Wilson

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