From Loneliness to Happiness

I tried very hard to remove my loneliness with drugs, alcohol and one-night affairs and for a while this worked but not for long. I realized I could not go on this way and I found myself in an unbearable loneliness, separated from everything and everybody. Through the help of IME I was able to look at my life, my problems, the hopelessness of my situation. Now I can make a decision to do something about my life that is positive.

East Hartford, CT

Getting Ahead of The Crisis

There was a certain morning on which I woke up feeling overwhelmed by my crisis and I said to myself I would not feed into the emotions that day. I had done this many times before, and each time I failed. But this morning, for some unaccountable reason, another voice told me I was a liar; that I could not handle this emotional crisis all by myself. I reached out to IME who helped me face life challenges, and through the sessions I was able to gain the strength to handle future emotional crises.

Hartford, CT

Overcoming Ecstasy

A few years ago, I sat in a club talking with some friends and everyone was lit up like a Christmas tree. I inquired why everyone was so happy, and thoroughly uninterested in any conversation about current events. One person said to me, I think one of the great pleasures of just feeling miles away is to try some ecstasy……years later I was traveling on a different track, different clock, different music, on the edge of pleasure pain moving towards progressive disaster. My significant other mentioned trying IME counseling to address my substance use and in some important way their services helped me to change.

West Hartford, CT

Totally Free From Fear

I remember being all talk, I felt certain that I would be free from fear after reading all the magazines, watching YouTube, and listening to motivational speakers. It did not work, my general health declined, I became highly nervous and tense. As a result, an ulcer, high blood pressure that finally took me to the hospital where I laid almost near death. I had much time to think and to meditate. It was suggested by the hospital staff to try IME counseling and through intensive sessions I was able to face the root cause of what was causing my fear.

Avon, CT

Source of Strength

After a visit with the oncologist, my fear was that I might have cancer, if I did, I knew I might not make it. Well you know the story; the results came back positive for cancer cells. Life had ceased to function for me in any normal way my depression was paralyzing. Through months of painful radiation IME counseling provided motivation which gave me just enough strength to live. I slowly began to find peace and balance and engage in positive thinking which helped lift my spirits out of depression.

Bloomfield, CT

Changing Beliefs

When I first engaged IME counseling services, I was terrified. I thought I no longer believed in anything. What a miracle that after a few sessions with a counselor I could have hope. This hope kept me coming back to sessions and gradually the belief grew into that there is good in all of us. I needed to seek the good out, nurture it, tend to it and it will flourish. Through the strategies suggested by my IME counselor I began to search for the positives within myself.

Southington, CT

Inner Voice

I had lost control of my inner voice, I felt I was powerless and did not believe that I was worthy of anything good. I felt a lot of pressure from others concerning my inability to express myself effectively and efficiently. I had a caring, kindhearted IME counselor who practiced looking for the positives within individuals. It was difficult at first but today I can honestly say I love the new me, I can embrace the new me and accept the new me. I am more confident and able to express myself than ever before.

New Britain, CT


There was a spiritual experience that had been one of many endless frustrations: it seemed that I was actually beginning to discern my own personal conception of God. Now at least I saw a real possibility that I might come to know the difference between spiritual life and religious life. I was struggling with my faith, which caused me to pursue spiritual counseling with IME. Together with the exploration of scriptures and much dialogue the struggle was over, it was the breakthrough that was needed.

Manchester, CT

Letting Go of Pain

For a long time, I had an idea that I must succeed, I must be right at all costs, I must be important. If I let go, I thought, then I would not be anybody. Well, who was I, anyway? Just an individual full of darkness and pain. Through the help of IME counseling services, I am beginning to see that letting go doesn't mean giving up. They helped me see that letting go means opening myself to new ideas and opportunities.

Bronx, NYC

Shattered Life

The word hope was vivid as I read the sentences until I realized that laughter and tears were intermixed, and I was no longer seated but pacing around the room trying to forget the traumatic event. For the first time, I began to understand that thoughts of the traumatic event were prohibiting me from activities of daily living. Through the skilled counselors at IME, I am able to dance, laugh out loud and feel reborn to continue to live life with all of the challenges that exist.

Brooklyn, NYC

A New Feeling

I have always believed in a higher power, God and the trinity but I quit going to church when life became overpowering. I prayed daily, but felt I was not getting through to God. I had reached a point where I wanted to die and could not. Through IME spiritual counseling I met the finest and most understanding counselors I had ever known. We explored the biblical writings and its interpretation on God's promises to his people. I have come to realize that with God all things are possible.

Queens, NYC

Drowning in Anxiety

I knew I was dying from feeling anxious. I was so weak that I could hardly breathe; my breath came in little gasps, quite far apart. If a drink had been put within an inch of my hand, I would not have had the strength to take it. For the first time in my life, I was backed into a corner that I could not fight, cheat, lie or buy my way out of. I was trapped. I was encouraged to reach out to IME counseling services to explore new techniques to feel less anxious, fearful, and uncomfortable within my own skin. After our counseling sessions I feel calm, relaxed, and refreshed.

Atlanta, GA

Figure of Distrust

After three years, I had just broken up with my significant other. Simultaneously with the departure, there seemed to be coming towards me from all directions a feeling of dread, and lack of trust for future relationships. A close friend suggested IME counseling services to address my lack of trust for others. Over many, many sessions, we were able to move forward where I can see that I am able to love again.

Manning, South Carolina

I Was Not Alone Any More

At one point, I was physically fit, Then I lost my job and I became very frightened and depressed, I just could not face the future. My stupid pride would not allow me to ask anyone for help. So, I cried myself to sleep many nights, overeating and binging on junk food. During the IME counseling sessions, with the use of evidence-based treatment modalities I came to realize my negative thoughts were harming me. Thanks to IME counseling service, I have started to work out again and to approach life on different terms.

San Diego, CA

Find An Empowerment Coach

Are you looking for an empowerment coach? You're not alone. There are so many people out there who want to find a way to live their best life and need help in order to do it. 

If you have been struggling with your relationships, career, or self-worth, empowerment coaches can help by guiding you through the process of self-reflection and goal setting. They (Inspire ME (IME)) will also provide feedback on how well you are doing so that you can make improvements along the way!

What Is an Empowerment Coach?

An empowerment coach is a professional who has experience working with people to help them achieve their goals. IME is there for you at times when you need someone else to guide the way and provide assistance on how best to reach your desired outcome. IME can teach you how to believe in yourself and how to like yourself in order to live your dream life.

An empowerment coach can help you with all of these things:

  • build self-confidence
  • improve relationships
  • find a new job
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • learn how to say no when it is necessary
  • connect with your creativity
  • find positivity in life
  • increase your productivity at the workplace or in school

Top Reasons to Hire An Empowerment Coach

1. Highly Trained Professionals

Empowerment coaches are trained in all aspects of life and can help you with anything from relationships, career advice, or self-esteem issues. IME specializes in assisting clients in building the skills you need to live their best lives based on what is most important to them.

2. Creating Actionable Plans

An empowerment coach listens intently during your sessions to understand where you want to go and helps you figure out how to navigate any obstacles that may be preventing you from getting there. Then, IME can help you create an actionable plan that will allow you to achieve your dream life.

3. Unbiased Feedback

Empowerment coaches provide unbiased feedback because they have no stake in the outcome: such as a parent would who wants his child off drugs or a spouse who thinks she needs more attention from her partner at home. Having someone you trust to provide unbiased feedback will make it easier for you to prioritize your goals and find the steps that will take you there.

4. Teach You To Value Yourself

An empowerment coaching session will teach you how to value yourself, believe in yourself, and feel good about who you are. By learning these skills, it's much easier for you to accomplish all of your goals without worrying or feeling like a failure.

Find The Right Empowerment Coach Today

Are you ready for a change and need someone who can help guide you through the process of self-reflection and goal setting? If empowerment therapy sounds like the right fit for where you want to go with your life, contact us today! IME will be more than happy to help find the perfect match to make sure that this investment helps empower and change not only your life but also those around you.